How to File a VAT Return step by step In Croydon

vat return online
vat return online
VAT stands for value added tax. VAT returns are something that scares everyone because it’s a complicated procedure. But it’s not rocket science. Just learn these few tips and you would figure out how to deal with everything related to the VAT tax and filing the returns.
Here’s everything you need to know about doing VAT returns in Croydon.

Cases Where You Don’t Have to Submit Return Online

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Yes, it’s true. There are some cases where you would not have to file the VAT returns online. Here are some cases:

  • If your company has an insolvency procedure
  • For religious reasons you cannot use the computers
  • If you are not of a certain age as per the state rules
  • If you are suffering from a disability
  • The location you are in prohibits you from filing the returns

What to do when VAT Return can’t Submit Online

online vat return
online vat return
For whatever reason, some people can’t make this tax return online. If that is the case, you need to do it through the traditional paper filing way. You should call up the HM Revenue and Customs and inquire about that method.

What You Need for Filing the Return Online

online vat return
online vat return
When you are making this return online, you need to have a couple of things:

  • VAT number
  • VAT online account 

You can get these when you are registering for the VAT. You can sign up for the account online. Apply for the VAT number in order to get it.

How to File It

After making sure you have these, you can submit your VAT return via HMRC. They have a free service available online. You just need to sign into the account you made and make your return.

Accounting Xero Software

Make sure you have a compatible accounting software so that you do not have to enter the numbers to the HMRC’s website separately. To know what software to use, explore their website. You will find a list of all the compatible software you can use for the purpose.

Don’t Forget the Reference Number

After finishing this return, it is important that you remember the reference number that you have gotten during this whole process. This will be evidence to prove that you have sent the return that you owed to the state.

Can Accountants Do It For You?

Yes, the professional accountants can do this tax returns procedure for you. You have to authorize them to do it though. This is easily done by logging into your VAT account online and then giving the accountant the permission that they need. Be absolutely sure that you have hired the right accountant that can be trusted because this is sensitive data that you’re letting a stranger see.

Tax filing and filing for returns is pretty hard, there is no doubt about that. But as long as you do it step by step, you will have nothing to fret about when it comes to VAT returns. Besides, you can ask for professional help and advice if you are confused in any step of the process.

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